Korean name: 있을 재

Meaning: be, exist, present


  • 부재 (不在) being absent

  • 소재 (所在) something or someone’s location

  • 실재 (實在) actual existence, existence in reality

  • 잠재 (潛在) being latent or dormant

    잠재력 (潛在力) having potential

  • 재고 (在庫) being in stock

  • 재래 (在來) being traditional, something that existed in the past and has been passed down to the present

  • 재미 (在美) living in the United States

  • 재외 (在外) being an expatriate

  • 재일 (在日) living in Japan

  • 재직 (在職) being employed at a workplace

  • 재학 (在學) being enrolled at a school

    재학생 (在學生) an enrolled student

  • 존재 (存在) existence

  • 현재 (現在) the present, today, now