Korean name: 놈 자

Meaning: person, that person


  • 가해자 (加害者) a person who has harmed another

  • 관계자 (關係者) a person involved in or interested in a matter

  • 기자 (記者) a reporter

  • 노동자 (勞動者) laborer, worker

  • 노숙자 (露宿者) a homeless or unhoused person

  • 당사자 (當事者) a person directly related to the matter at hand

  • 독자 (讀者) a reader

  • 독재자 (獨裁者) 1. a person who controls all the power in a group; 2. a government dictator

  • 미성년자 (未成年者) a person who is not of legal age

  • 범죄자 (犯罪者) a person who has commited a crime

  • 부자 (富者) a wealthy person

  • 사회자 (司會者) a master of ceremonies, host

  • 생존자 (生存者) a person who survives an incident

  • 소비자 (消費者) a consumer

  • 시청자 (視聽者) a television viewer

  • 신자 (信者) a person who believes in a religion

  • 유권자 (有權者) a person who has the right to vote

  • 저자 (著者) an author

  • 지도자 (指導者) a person who teaches and leads others

  • 청자 (聽者) a listener

  • 피의자 (被疑者) a person suspected of a crime

  • 피해자 (被害者) a person who has suffered some damage

  • 학자 (學者) a scholar or academic researcher

  • 화자 (話者) narrator, a person who tells a story

  • 환자 (患者) an ill person, patient

  • 사용자 (使用者) 1. a person who uses an item or a facility; 2. an employer