Korean name: 의원 의

Meaning: doctor, medicine, medical office


  • 명의 (名醫) a doctor famous for their skills

  • 의대 (醫大) medical school

  • 의료 (醫療) treatment of a disease, wound, etc.

  • 의사 (醫師) doctor

    수의사 (獸醫師) veterinarian

    한의사 (韓醫師) doctor who practices traditional Korean medicine

  • 의과 (醫科) in a university, the department studying medicine

  • 의술 (醫術) medical treatment technique, the art of medicine

  • 의약품 (醫藥品) pharmaceuticals

  • 의원 (醫院) medical clinic

    한의원 (韓醫院) a clinic that uses traditional Korean medicine

  • 의학 (醫學) medical science

  • 전공의 (專攻醫) medical resident or intern

  • 전문의 (專門醫) a doctor who specializes in a particular field of medicine

  • 주치의 (主治醫) the doctor in charge of treating a certain patient